Complete works by Moses Beregovsky entitled Jewish Musical Folklore

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The Research Section of the Center of History and Culture of East European Jewry (Judaica Center) has issued the major work by Moses Beregovsky (Moisei Iakovlevich Beregovskii) entitled Jewish Musical Folklore in five volumes in the format of e-books:

Vol. 1, Workers and Revolutionary Songs. Songs about Recruitment and War

Vol. 2, Love, Family, and Household Songs

Vol. 3, Jewish Instrumental Folk Music

Vol. 4, Jewish Folk Tunes without Words

Vol. 5, Jewish Folk Music and Theater Performances

This work by Beregovsky – the most complete collection of sheet music and texts of Jewish folklore – is still widely used by Jewish communities in staging performances and purimshpils,  organizing concerts, and the compiling of the repertoire of Jewish music ensembles.

After the death of Beregovsky his daughter managed to get from the archives of the KGB the manuscripts by her father, and for years she was trying to publish them. However, only two volumes were published till now, namely the volume 3 in Moscow in 1987 and the volume 5 inKiev in 2000. The rest, unfortunately, remained unpublished.

This five-volume edition in the format of a set of e-books provides access to this fundamental work by the famous collector of Jewish folklore for anyone interested in Jewish music – both for professionals and for general Jewish and non-Jewish public.

Volume 1

Volume 2

Volume 3

Volume 4

Volume 5

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