Julian Tuwim. Poems and Contexts

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This edition is the most comprehensive collection of Ukrainian translations of Julian Tuwim’s poems. Marianna Kiianovska has not only brilliantly translated more than a hundred of his poems, but also created a unique portrait reconstruction of the Polish poet of Jewish descent against the background of the era (more than half a century of Polish history). The translator tried to reveal the phenomenon of talent and of personality of Julian Tuwim, not avoiding the painful and difficult topics. Thus “Poems and Contexts” is not only poetry, but also facts (names and dates), fragments from the recollections of coevals, who knew Tuwim personally. The book recorded a colorful and controversial character of one of the greatest and most tragic figures in the Polish culture of the XX century.
Julian Tuwim. Poems and contexts. Translation and the concept by Marianna Kiianovska. Script editor E. Solovei. – K.: Dukh i Litera, 2013. – 304 p. – ISBN 978-966-378-303-1

Fragments of the book:


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