Yehupets Art & Criticism Almanac 22

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The section “Poetry” includes poems of Grigorii Falkovich, Boris Khersonsky, Ilona Taikh, and Alex Zarahovych.
In the “Prose”, the reader will find fragments from Inna Lesovaia’s novel Amber Room, libretto and songs from musical Mottle by Gelii Aronov, stories by Yosl Birstein (translated from Yiddish), and by Amos Oz (translated from Hebrew).
The section “Criticism and Publicism” presents a research work by Johanan Petrovsky-Shtern on Jewish-Ukrainian identity of Gryts Kernerenko, Hanna Arendt’s work on the banality of evil, Joanna Lisek’s work on the poet and feminist Hanna Levin, and Gennady Estraikh’s work on Soviet Yiddish in 1920s. In the interview with Tomasz Lec by Elżbieta Ficowska, the latest monument to the uprising in the Warsaw ghetto is described.
In the section “Memoirs” one can find a conversation with Michael Bristiger, the man who survived the Shoah.
The column “Epistolyariya” presents correspondence of Ukrainian dissidents and writers with Lev Kopelev.
The section “Art” includes interviews with Pinhas (Pawel) Fishel, text by Polina Poberezkina about Yevdokiia Olshanska’s Akhmatova collection, and essay by Selim Yalkut Wisdom of Simplicity about famous Ukrainian artist Yulii Sheinis.

Artistic and journalistic almanac Yehupets #22. Editors : G. Aronov, M. Petrovskii (editors), V. Boguslavska, Y. Veretennikova, Y. Zakharov, D. Klochko (editors-in-chief), H. Lichtenstein , A. Pavlyshyn , V. Radutskii , P. Rykhlo, K. Sigov , L. Finberg (deputy chief editors). – K. – Dukh i Litera, 2013. – 474 p.

Complete text of the almanac in electronic version below:


  • May 27, 2013, Almanac was presented on the Book Arsenal, the III International book festival.

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