Adam Michnik, f. Jozef Tischner, Jacek Żakowski. A Talk Between a Citizen and a Priest

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This book is searching for answers to the most important questions of life experience with help of two great European thinkers. The unusual feature of this dialogue lies in the fact that the dialogue is being carried out by representatives of two different worlds: Adam Michnik – a secular politician, dissident intellectual, chief editor of the largest Polish daily Gazeta Wyborcza; and a well-known Polish philosopher and writer Father Josef Tishner, who is a Roman Catholic priest and professor of the Pontifical Academy, – all this being moderated by their fellow journalist, a brilliant interviewer Jacek Żakowski. Their life paths are absolutely different, but they are united by the same goal – liberation of Poland from totalitarian communism, and returning it to the fold of European democracies. This book is a real encyclopedia of life in Poland of the late twentieth century, permeated and colored with brilliant humor of the interlocutors. It is a discussion about the meaning of life, faith, freedom, and identity.

Adam Michnik, Fr. Josef Tischner, Jacek Żakowski. A Talk Between a Citizen and a Priest (Miedzy Panem a Plebanem) / Translated from Polish by Andrei Pavlyshyn. – K.: Dukh i Litera, 2013. – 624 p. – ISBN 978-966-378-314-7

Fragments from the book:


  • September 14, 2013 at the 20th Lviv Book Fair.

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