An Anthology of Jewish Poetry: Ukrainian Translations from Yiddish

This book is an anthology of Jewish poetry written in Yiddish from the 19th to 20th century in Ukrainian translations. It represents more than known and lesser-known poets are represented, including: Haim-Nahman Bialik, Perez Markish, David Hofshteyn, Meylach Rawicz, Uri-Zvi Grinberg, Leib Kvitko, Osher Schwartzman, Mani Leib, Itzik Manger Yosif Kerler and others. This poetry was translated by well-known Ukrainian poets and translators such as Ivan Franko, Maxim Relsky, Pawlo Tychyna, Mykola Lukash, Grygoriy Kochur, Abram Katsnelson, Moysey Fishbein, Lina Kostenko, Mykola Vingranovsky, Borys Oliynyk, Dmytro Pawlichko and others. In the Anthologies are also represented poems with which Ukrainian reader will meet for the first time. Poetic text “Anthology” is preceded by introductory remarks, which represents Jewish poets in the European and world literary context, and in their roll in Ukrainian culture. (more…)