Adam Jones. Genocide: A Comprehensive Introduction

Genocide: A Comprehensive Introduction is the most wide-ranging textbook on genocide yet published. The book is designed as a text for upper-undergraduate and graduate students, as well as a primer for non-specialists and general readers interested in learning about one of humanity’s enduring blights.

Fully updated to reflect the latest thinking in this rapidly developing field, this unique book:

  • Provides an introduction to genocide as both a historical phenomenon and an analytical-legal concept, including the concept of genocidal intent, and the dynamism and contingency of genocidal processes.
  • Discusses the role of state-building, imperialism, war, and social revolution in fuelling genocide.
  • Supplies a wide range of full-length case studies of genocides worldwide, each with a supplementary study.
  • Explores perspectives on genocide from the social sciences, including psychology, sociology, anthropology, political science/international relations, and gender studies.
  • Considers “The Future of Genocide,” with attention to historical memory and genocide denial; initiatives for truth, justice, and redress; and strategies of intervention and prevention.

Written in clear and lively prose with over 240 illustrations and maps, Genocide: A Comprehensive Introduction remains the indispensable text for new generations of genocide study and scholarship. (more…)

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Mikhail Fishgoit. Hope Dies Last

The book is a publication of memoirs by Mikhail Fishgoit, a witness of the Soviet era. He began his thorny path as a Red Army volunteer who went through all the horror of fighting in Crimea during World War II. Later, as an intelligence officer, Mikhail Fishgoit would enter Berlin as a victor of Nazism, yet after the denunciation of one of his “comrades-in-arms”, he would have to spend years in Gulag.

Fishgoit’s book convincingly rebuts falsified Soviet versions of World War II history and is one of the most cogent testimonies of that time. (more…)

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Yuriy Skira. The Called: Monks of the Studite Statute and the Holocaust

The book explores the efforts made by the Studite Statute monks of the Lviv Archdiocese of the Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church to save the Jews during the Holocaust. The author answers various issues related to their sheltering. He analyzes the motivations, methods, and risks of the rescuers and the rescued alike, and also debunks myths developed due to the previous researchers’ insufficient awareness of local conditions and rescuers’ capabilities. The study restores the historical truth and develops a comprehensive vision of the Studites’ rescue action, which was launched by their Archimandrite, Metropolitan Andrey Sheptytsky, and saved lives of several hundred adults and children. (more…)

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