Hryhorii Falkovych. Shalakhmones: Poems for Children

“Shalakhmones” is a large-format gift book of poetry for children by the well-known Ukrainian poet Hryhorii Falkovych. The poems are both funny and wise, and you will love to learn them by heart at once. Moreover, one can read not only poems but also drawings resembling the design of medieval manuscripts. It took the artist Pavlo (Pinkhas) Fishel more than five years of scrupulous work to illustrate the book. (more…)

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Janusz Korczak. The Child of Man: Selected Works

The Child of Man is a collection of works by the famous Polish writer, doctor and teacher Janusz Korczak (1878–1942), published in Ukrainian for the first time. Texts of various genres (treatise, drama, diary etc.), compiled by S. Petrovska, demonstrate his child-centric philosophy developed over the harsh twentieth century. The life and works of Janusz Korczak are outstanding treasures of the international humanistic tradition. (more…)