Jewish civilization. Oxford Handbook of Jewish Studies

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The book is the translation of the Oxford Textbook of Jewish Studies. This unique edition for Ukrainian humanities publications presents history of the Jewish science from its beginnings to the present. Here one can find the whole vast space of the Jewish civilization: history of communities in different regions (Muslim countries, Christian West, Central and Eastern Europe, etc.) and at different times (the Talmudic period, the Middle Ages, modern period, contemporary times).
The textbook presents history of Jewish languages, diverse literature of Jewish mysticism, theology, and bibleistics. The publication presents articles on the history of Jewish art, film and music, sociology, demography, gender studies, and other disciplines related to Jewish studies. It is aimed at teachers and students of humanitarian departments of universities as well as to all interested in Jewish history and culture.

 Jewish civilization. Oxford Textbook of Jewish Studies / Ed. by Martin Goodman. In 2 vols. Translation from English. – Kyiv: Dukh i Litera; Dnipropetrivsk Center “Tkuma”, 2012. – 560 p.+560 p.

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  • The First Place in the nomination Sofia (for Foreign humanities), in the Book of the Year 2012 rating.


  • Small Jury Award of the “Public Figures and Authorities”, the 19th Publishers Forum in Lviv.



  • February 21, 2013 – Presentation of the book at the Ye bookstore  by the book editors Marharyta Yehorchenko and Leonid Finberg, as well as by the scientific reviewer Vadym Skurativskyi.
  • October 7, 2012 – presentation of the book at the Book Arsenal, II International Book Festival by the editor of the book Marharyta Yehorchenko, and the scientific reviewer of the book Vadym Skurativskyi.

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