Mykhailo Kal’nytskyi. Jewish Addresses of Kiev guide-book

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The author of the book (famous historian Mikhailo Kal’nytskyi, board-member of the Ukrainian Society for Protection of Monuments of History and Culture) is for many years exploring the past and present of his beloved Kiev for many years. Generalization of his many years work was presented in the book published as a guide-book. It tells about the life of Kiev citizens, and about their life lessons. Some sections are devoted to memorable places and Jewish cemeteries. The book describes dozens of objects: buildings and structures where major events of Jewish life in XIX -XX centuries (synagogues, publishing houses, educational institutions, offices of political parties and movements) took place. One will find brief biographical sketches of the Jewish community leaders, writers, and politicians. Previously unknown documents discovered in the archives of Kiev are firstly published in this book as well.

Mikhailo Kal’nytskyi. Jewish Addresses of Kiev, guide-book. – K. Dukh i Litera, 2012. – 368 p. – ISBN 978-966-378-222-5.


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