David Gofshtein. Oh my Whole Wide World… Selected poems

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This book represents the fullest collection of translated works of the great Jewish poet David Gofshtein. The book is based upon two volume edition of selected works: issued in the original language in Tel Aviv (Israel, publishing house “Isroel – booh”), and “Favorites” by David Gofshtein issued in Ukrainian in Kiev (Ukrainskyi Pys’mennyk Publishing house). The widow of the poet Feiga Gofshtein was a compiler of both publications. All dedications and epigraphs that for obvious reasons could not be published in the Soviet era were restored in this edition.
Among translators of the poems one will find M. Rylsky, P. Tychyna, V. Sosiura, L. Kostenko, G. Kochur, M. Lucash, L. Pervomayskyi, N. Tyhyi, V. Boguslavska.

Read fragments of the book in pdf:

Content Several poems

David Gofshtein. Oh my Whole Wide World… Selected poems. – Kyiv: Dukh i Litera, 2012. – 464 p. ISBN:978-966-378-229-4.


  • February 9, 2012 – book was presented at the National Museum of Literature of Ukraine.

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