Hillel Kazovsky. Book Graphics of the Kultur-Ligue Artists

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The art album shows another aspect of the creative avant-garde phenomenon of Kyiv. The album is a sort of continuation of the  Culture League: Art Vanguard of 1910-1920’s book. The first book presented works of the artists of Cultures League, the second one draws attention to one of the remarkable but little studied genres – book design. The album contains reproductions of works by N. Altman, M. Epstein, G. Inger, El. Lyssytsky, I.-B. Rybak, A. Tyschler, J. Chaikov, M. Chagall, N. Shyfrin, S. Shore.
Over 70 books were designed by the artists above. Many covers and illustrations were published in this book for the first time. The texts of the album (introductory article, short texts on book design, artists biographies) were written by famous Israeli art historian Hillel Kazovsky.

Hillel Kazovskyi. Book Graphic of the Culture League Artists. Design by Pinchas Fishel. The album-directory. Scientific edition. – Kyiv: Dukh i Litera.- 2011. – 240 p. ISBN 978-966-378-218-8.

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  • The book has got the fifth place at the UkrainianBestBookAward contest and special diploma of the jury of the The Best Book Design competition.


  • January 18, 2012 – the album was presented at the Ye Bookstore. More photographs here.
  • January 26, 2012 – the album was presented at the Culture TV channel  (Ukraine) at Beyond formats schedule. Guests of the program: Leonid Finberg and Paul (Pinhas) Fishel:

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