Видавнича діяльність становить значну частину роботи Центру юдаїки. Щороку ми готуємо до друку близько 10–12 видань. І за роки нашої роботи ми опублікували низку книг з історії, культури та філософії євреїв України та Європи. Частина з цих праць вже стала бібліографічною рідкістю.

Центр юдаїки разом із видавництвом «Дух і Літера» опублікували понад 80 книг, серед яких «Єврейська цивілізація: оксфордський підручник з юдаїки» (2012); путівник «Єврейські адреси Києва» (2012); «Діалоги порозуміння: українсько-єврейські взаємини» (2011); «Культур-Ліґа: художній аванґард 1910-1920-х років» (2007); «Поза межами розуміння: філософи та богослови про Голокост» (2009) та інші.

Наші книги одержали низку відзнак на національних та міжнародних книжкових фестивалях. Так, видання «Книжкова графіка митців Культур-Ліґи» та «Єврейська цивілізація: оксфордський підручник з юдаїки» отримали вищі нагороди Форуму видавців у Львові та «Книжкового Арсеналу» 2012 року.

Osip Mandelstam. Poetry

This book is the first collection of Ukrainian translations of poetry by Osip Mandelstam (1891–1938) published in more than 50 years. Creations of Mandelstam, a poet of global scale, who was both biographically and artistically relateded to Ukraine, were translated by true masters, among which are Yurii Andrukhovych, Sava Holovanivsky, Ihor Kachurovsky, Ivan Malkovych, Viktor Neborak, Dmytro Pavlychko, Maksym Strikha, and Stanislav Chernilevsky. A lot of poems were translated to Ukrainian for the first time.


Osip Mandelstam. Prose

This book is the first collection of Ukrainian translations of prose by Osip Mandelstam (1891–1938). The volume contains his main prose writings (The Egypt Stamp, The Noise of the Time, Feodosia, and others), critical essays on literature (The Morning of Acmeism, The Talk about Dante, and others) and culture, especially on Ukrainian topics (essays about Kyiv and the Berezil Theatre, and The Spy film review) as well as texts inspired by Crimea and Mandelstam’s only prose piece published in Ukraine during his lifetime: the film review Shop of Cheap Dolls. (more…)

Maksym Strikha. Ukrainian Translation and Translators: Between Literature and Nation-Making

The book illustrates the development of Ukrainian translation from the times of Kyivan Rus to modernity. Special attention is paid to the 19th- and 20th-century translation and translators, whose activity, aside from its literary nature, had a distinct nation-making direction, helping draw a precise line separating Ukrainians from the dominant nations of the empires, to which Ukrainian lands belonged. Such a role of Ukrainian translation was not unique. German translation performed a similar role in the second half of the 18th century, when the French language and culture dominated the higher strata of divided Germany, and Catalan translation did so in the 20th century during the forced “Castiliasation” of Catalonia under the Franko regime. Nevertheless, it is the history of Ukrainian translations that contains the greatest number of dramatic narratives, and the fates of the most remarkable Ukrainian writers were considerably more tragic than those of their counterparts from the other countries that also suffered from foreign political and cultural oppression.


American Jewish Fiction: A Century of Stories

This anthology contains texts of American Jewish short prose. The book includes a whole century of unique works, beginning with the immigrant fictional literature of the early twentieth century and finishing with the stories of some modern writers. Reading these pages implies getting familiar with the marvellous and diverse literary tradition. The edition begins with the short stories by two profound immigrant writers of the early the twentieth century, Abraham Cahan and Anzia Yezierska. After that, the edition contains selected works of Jewish American authors of recent history such as Isaac Bashevis Singer, Saul Bellow, Grace Paley, Tillie Olsen, Bernard Malamud, and Philip Roth. The anthology ends with the short stories of contemporary writers, whose works illustrate the fascinating variety and life power of the modern Jewish American fictional literature. (more…)

Jewish Addresses of Ukraine: A Guidebook

This guidebook describes locations in cities and villages of Ukraine that are related to the history and culture of Ukrainian Jews. The composition of the guide is based on the geographical principle, thus each chapter defines a given region of the country. Since the histories of the Jewish communities of Ukraine varied, a reader’s perception of the chapters can vary as well. The illustrations of the edition allow observing both cultural sights that exist nowadays and photos of the objects that have not been preserved. Special attention is paid to individuals, for instance, Jewish writers, artists, civil rights leaders, philanthropists, religious activists and righteous men. The book can be especially useful for tourists, who are interested in the Jewish history of the state.