The Redwood Box: Jewish Prose of the Eastern Europe of the Second Half of the 19–20th Centuries

The edition contains the translations of works of eleven Jewish writers from the Eastern Europe of the second half of the neneteenth and twentieth centuries, such as Isaac Leib Peretz, Sholom Aleichem, Janusz Korczak, Shmuel Yosef Agnon, Bruno Schulz, Isaac Babel, Itzik Kipnis, Itzik Manger, Isaac Bashevis Singer, Debora Vogel, and Abraham Sutzkever. The Jewish prose in the book is rather diverse in its nature in terms of genre and style characteristics. That is since it ranges from traditional educational plots that include distinctive parable features, to the examples of the European literature of the ‘stream of consciousness’ based on lavish metaphors, and alliterations that combine the history with modernity, the old with the new, as well as undermine the rigidity of canonical topics and masterfully lead readers to themselves, which is the most fascinating destination.

The majority of translations were prepared for this edition.

Translations from Hebrew, Yiddish, Polish, and Russian by D. Vaitsel, T. Vozniak, O. Her, R. Hekhtman, M. Zerov, O. Irvanets, Y. Prokhasko, K. Sinchenko, N. Skurativska, O. Uralova, O. Shcherba, M. Yakovyna. Editors: L. Finberg, O. Uralova; introduction: A. Puchkov.

The Redwood Chest: Jewish Prose of the Eastern Europe of the Second Half of the 19–20th Centuries / trans. from Hebrew, Yiddish, Polish, and Russian; eds. Leonid Finberg and Oleksandra Uralova. – Kyiv: Dukh i Litera, 2020. – 528 p.

ISBN 978-966-378-801-2

The book was published with the support of the Dutch Jewish Humanitarian Fund (JHF).

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