Ola Hnatiuk. Courage and Fear

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The book describes the life in Soviet- and Nazi-occupied Lviv from the perspective of personal history. Its main focus is on the behavior of people who faced mortal danger. However, this does not exhaust the non-conventional features of the narrative, which is based on the diaries, memoirs, letters, and even transcripts of interrogations. It tells about the fates of people, of Polish, Ukrainian, and Jewish intellectuals, their complex relationships, and also the variations of solidarity and hostility underpinned by courage and fear.

The book encourages its readers to reflect on the extent to which the present images of World War II have been shaped under the pressure of national narratives, which have left no space not just for other narratives but also for individual whitnesses provided that they have not fit the dominant discourse. The matrixes of national history have become tight frameworks for the study of that historical period. Therefore, it is important to overcome those limits. The book is intended for the scholars of culture, historians, and students of humanities, as well as for all the readers interested in World War II issues.

Ola Hnatiuk
Відвага і страх = Courage and Fear. – Kyiv: Dukh i Litera, 2015. – (Library of Resistance, Library of Hope).

ISBN 978-966-378-404-5

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