Hryhorii Falkovych. Shalakhmones: Poems for Children

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“Shalakhmones” is a large-format gift book of poetry for children by the well-known Ukrainian poet Hryhorii Falkovych. The poems are both funny and wise, and you will love to learn them by heart at once. Moreover, one can read not only poems but also drawings resembling the design of medieval manuscripts. It took the artist Pavlo (Pinkhas) Fishel more than five years of scrupulous work to illustrate the book. Having used high-quality printing capacities, we succeeded in the creation of three-dimensional images.
Open the book and you will learn what happened to a hen who did a manicure, why children love to go to the theater, and many other wonderful stories.

Hryhorii Falkovych
Шалахмонеси: Вірші для дітей = Shalakhmones: Poems for Children. – Kyiv: Dukh i Litera, 2016. – 48 p.

ISBN 978-966-378-441-0

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