Jewish Addresses of Ukraine: A Guidebook

This guidebook describes locations in cities and villages of Ukraine that are related to the history and culture of Ukrainian Jews. The composition of the guide is based on the geographical principle, thus each chapter defines a given region of the country. Since the histories of the Jewish communities of Ukraine varied, a reader’s perception of the chapters can vary as well. The illustrations of the edition allow observing both cultural sights that exist nowadays and photos of the objects that have not been preserved. Special attention is paid to individuals, for instance, Jewish writers, artists, civil rights leaders, philanthropists, religious activists and righteous men. The book can be especially useful for tourists, who are interested in the Jewish history of the state.

Marharyta Yehorchenko, Iryna Berliand, and Ihor Vynokurov, compil.
Єврейські адреси України: Путівник = Jewish Addresses of Ukraine: A Guidebook. – Kyiv: Dukh i Litera, 2020. – 656 p.

ISBN 978-966-378-819-7

The book was published thanks to the support of the Ukrainian Jewish Encounter and the Ukrainian Book Institute.

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