Bagatelles by Valentyn Sylvestrov

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Bagatelle literally translates as a trifle. Thanks to François Couperin`s ability this term was connected with small short mainly piano compositions. Valentyn Sylvestrov was the author of 9 symphonies by that, when he  started creating of bagatelles in noughties. He thought them as short and unpretentious compositions and it was repeatedly accented with composer, that they were self-inspired, without any special intent. But soon it was the whole bagatelle epos created.

Some years ago Valentyn Sylvestrov collected his best bagatelles into 21 cyclus, which was called the cyclus of cycluses. This collection was firstly introduced as a ΣΥΜΠΟΣΙΟΝ book addition, which was dedicated to composer’s 75th anniversary.

Our project is the very first edition of these composes. Each of cycluses is for listetning without interruption, as a one text, explained by composer.

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