Tetiana Derevyanko and Yuriy Morozov. Jewish Cinematographers in Ukraine, 1910–1945

The book is a documentary account of the careers and art of Jewish cinematographers – directors, actors, film producers, and distributors – in Ukraine between 1910 and 1945. It contains short biographical sketches based on various film history publications, as well as the memoirs of filmmakers’ colleagues and relatives, press reviews of the time, censorship documents, and screenplays and librettos for the Jewish movies, most of which are lost forever. The text is supplemented by unique photo documents: portraits, film shots, working moments from film sets, and movie advertisements. (more…)

Leonid Finberg in “Homo Sapiens” program on the TVi channel

On November 6, 2013 Leonid Finberg, director of the Center for Jewish Studies of the Kyiv-Mohyla Academy and the editor-in-chief of the Duch i Litera Publishing House, was the guest of the Homo Sapiens program by Myroslava Barchuk on the TVi channel.


Yelena Bonner, Andre Glucksmann. Defending freedom (Ukrainian translation of Le Roman du Juif universel )

This book represents dialogues of iconic figures of the century turn – the French philosopher and politician André Glucksmann, and a well-known Russian public figure, human rights activist Ielena Bonner. The dialogue topics are: human rights, overcoming of the communism effects, international terrorism, xenophobia and anti-Semitism in the world today. The texts will be interesting for anyone who feels oneself responsible for human life and fates in the XXI century. (more…)

Interview with Leonid Finberg on the Voice of America


Adam Michnik, f. Jozef Tischner, Jacek Żakowski. A Talk Between a Citizen and a Priest

This book is searching for answers to the most important questions of life experience with help of two great European thinkers. The unusual feature of this dialogue lies in the fact that the dialogue is being carried out by representatives of two different worlds: Adam Michnik – a secular politician, dissident intellectual, chief editor of the largest Polish daily Gazeta Wyborcza; and a well-known Polish philosopher and writer Father Josef Tishner, who is a Roman Catholic priest and professor of the Pontifical Academy, – all this being moderated by their fellow journalist, a brilliant interviewer Jacek Żakowski. (more…)