Lev Skop

Lev (Levko) Skop (born in 1954) is an art historian, painter, iconographer, poet, and musician.

Levko Skop lives in Drohobych and works as a paint restorer at the department of wooden architecture of Drohobychchyna Museum. 

The art collection of the Center holds 18 Levko Skop’s original works as well as 17 copies of his paintings created in the late 1990s – early 2000s (although the dates are absent on the majority of works). These pieces portray the daily life of West Ukrainian Jewry in the 16–18th  centuries: Drohobych Rabbi, Late 16th Century;  A Wealthy Jew from Bahnovate, the Second Half of the 16th Century; A Drochobych Jew, the 1570s; A Wealthy Jewish Woman, Early 18th Century; A Synagogue in Zhovkva, 17th century, and others.