Liubov Rapoport

Liubov Rapoport (born 1953) is a painter, graphic artist, and restorer.

Liubov Rapoport was born in Kyiv in 1953 to a family of the artists Borys Rapoport and Hanna Fainerman. She studied at Taras Shevchenko Kyiv Art School (1964–1970). In 1973–2001, she worked as a paint restorer at the National Research Restoration Centre of Ukraine. Liubov Rapoport has the title of a Restorer of the Highest Category (1995) and is a member of the National Union of Artists of Ukraine (since 1985). She lives and works in Kyiv.

Liuba Rapoport is known primarily for her city landscapes, yet her works also include portraits, still life, and genre scenes. Art historians note that the painter’s artistic manner has developed under the influence of German expressionists. Her works, defined by deep psychologism, include a refined mix of tender dreaminess and harsh objectivity, sensuality, and lyricism.  

Liuba Rapoport’s works are held in the exhibits offices of the National Union of Artists of Ukraine and Ukrainian Ministry of Culture, the National Art Museum of Ukraine, the National Museum of Russian Art in Kyiv, and other museums and private collections in Ukraine and abroad. 

The Center’s art collection includes six Liuba Rapoport’s paintings, for example, The Woman’s Portrait, and a few sketches and unnamed works. 

Art historians, researchers, and admirers of Liuba Rapoport’s art might be interested in printed materials held in the archive, such as articles about the artist, exhibition booklets, photographs, and printed copies of her paintings.