Mykhailo Loshak

Mykhailo Loshak (1918–2000) was a master of easel graphics.

Mykhailo Loshak was born in Vinnytsia in 1918. He graduated from Mytrofan Grekov Odesa Art College (1940). In 1940–1941, he studied in Leningrad at All-Russian Academy of Arts and later fought in World War II. In 1970, he became a member of the Artists Union of Ukraine. Mykhailo Loshak participated in multiple regional, Republican, all-Union, and international art exhibitions. His works were exhibited in Poland, France, and the United States. Since 1966, the artist lived in the United States and died in New York in 2000.

Mykhailo Loshak has left a great art legacy, a considerable part of which is held at Vinnytsia Art Museum. His works are also kept in multiple museums of Ukraine as well as private collections. 

The art collection of the Center includes around 30 Loshak’s original works. For instance, there are eight works from the graphic series My Meetings with Mikhoels (1935–1994) and 22 pieces from the graphic series A Legend about Vinnytsia’s Yerusalymka (1935–1993). This latter unique series has become a leitmotif of the artist’s entire creative life as it was conceived as early as 1935, while its last paintings were created in 1993. Yerusalymka is the quarter of Jewish artisans in the center of Vinnytsia. Although Yerusalymka has disappeared, the images of its inhabitants have been preserved in Mykhailo Loshak’s works.