Zoia Lerman

Zoia Lerman (1934–2014) was a painter and graphic artist of a nonconformist underground school.

Zoia Lerman was born in Kyiv in 1934. She studied at Kyiv Art Institute. In 1960, she became a member of the Artists Union of Ukraine. She died  in Kyiv in 2014. 

Zoia Lerman was a great representative of the second wave of avant-garde: the underground. Together with her husband, Yuri Lutskevych, as well as Ivan Marchuk, Yulii Sheinis, Yevhen Volobuiev and other Kyiv painters, she took part in city, all-Ukrainian, all-Union, and international exhibitions. 

Zoia Lerman’s art is known for its lyricism, poetical imagery, smoothness of lines, and the grace of forms and colouration, which reflects the emotional atmosphere of a moment and becomes its main element. One can see her works in the collections of the National Art Museum of Ukraine, Modern Ukrainian Art Museum, and private collections in European countries, the United States, and Israel. 

The art collection of the Center includes 21 original works of Zoia Lerman, among which are Olena (1964), a 1987 unnamed painting, and other works, which are also neither named nor dated. Thus, these works require additional analysis of art historians.