Borys Lekar

Borys Lekar (1932–2010) was a painter and architect.

Borys Lekar was born in Kharkiv in 1932. In 1956, he graduated from the Department of Architecture of Kharkiv Engineering and Building Institute. In 1959, the artist moved to Kyiv. At first, he was engaged in architecture and later became a painter. The painting techniques Borys Lekar worked in were watercolour, oil, tempera, and mixed materials. His activity also included monumental art and sculpture. In 1990, Borys Lekar emigrated from Ukraine to Israel. He died in Jerusalem in 2010. 

The painter created hundreds of works and took part in multiple personal and collective exhibitions, some of them held in the most prestigious halls of Israel and other countries. In the living room of his house, Borys organized around 50 exhibitions of works of Israeli, Ukrainian, and Russian painters. During his final years, Borys Lekar cooperated with Agripas 12 Gallery in Jerusalem. Lekar’s works are kept in many private collections in different states: Israel, Ukraine, the United States, France, Japan as well as the Museum of Israel. 

The art collection of the Center includes Borys Lekar’s painting The New Year (canvas, oil, unknown date). 

In 2012, Dukh i Litera Publishing House published the book World of Borys Lekar by Selim Yalkut dedicated to the painter’s artistic biography.