Art collection of the Center

The art collection of the Center contains the works and the materials (letters, documents, photos, slides, sketches, and printed items: catalogues, exhibition booklets, albums, postcards, etc.) related to the lives and creations of the following artists:

Based on the materials from the Center, the album Kyiv Collection was prepared and published in 2015. In its introduction, the director of the Center, Leonid Finberg, notes:

“Our experience is dozens and dozens of exhibitions of the works of Olha Rapai-Markish, Pavlo (Pinkhas) Fishel, Zoia Lerman, and other artists at various museums and galleries of Kyiv (curators: Iryna Klimova and Olena Yahodovska), at the Ukrainian House (Nisaion, curator: Olha Petrova), and abroad, in England, Poland, and Germany. Our achievements also include art publications in each issue of the almanac Yehupets and albums of artists’ creations issued by Dukh i Litera Publishing House.”