Artistic and journalistic almanac Yehupets #21

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In the section “Beyond rubrics” the reader will find modern Israeli poetry translated into Ukrainian by Marianna Kiianovska, Natasha Bilotserkivets, Georgii Andrukhovych, Oleksandr Irvanets, Yurii Prohasko, and Petro Rykhlo. The section “Drama and prose” contains drama Ghetto by Yegosua Sobol, the work by Uliana. Hlibchuk – House of Shaitan, and a historical narrative by Nathan Zabara At the Crossroads. The section “Poetry” presents Mature Verses by Yulian Tuvim. In the section “Our Publications” memoirs by Vsevolod Chahovets about Sholom Aleichem, and unfinished script by Sergei Parajanov Gilt Edge are published. In the section “Criticism and Publisism” one will find works by famous authors and researchers Halyna Ackerman, Velvl Chernin, Pavlo Uspenskyi. The “Epistolarium” contains letters from Bruno Shultz to Romana Galperin. In the section “Memoirs” are presented memories by Igor Golfman, Dmytro Gorbachov, Mykhailo Beletskyi, Olena Koltunova. The section “Art” presents works by A. Mezhevikina, Mykhailo Firman, Olena Akselrod, Mykhailo Yahylevych, and Inna Lisovaya. The section «In Memoriam» presents note by Leonid Finberg In memory of Olga Rapai-Markish.

Artistic and journalistic almanac Yehupets № 21. Editors : G. Aronov, M. Petrovskyi (editors), V. Boguslavska, Y. Veretennikova, Y. Zakharov, D. Klochko (editors-in-chief), H. Lichtenstein, A. Pavlyshyn, V. Radutsky, P. Rykhlo, K. Sigov, L. Finberg (deputy chief editor). – K – “Dukh i Litera” , 2013 . – 488 p.

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