Hillel Kazovsky. Book Graphics of the Kultur-Ligue Artists

The art album shows another aspect of the creative avant-garde phenomenon of Kyiv. The album is a sort of continuation of the  Culture League: Art Vanguard of 1910-1920’s book. The first book presented works of the artists of Cultures League, the second one draws attention to one of the remarkable but little studied genres – book design. The album contains reproductions of works by N. Altman, M. Epstein, G. Inger, El. Lyssytsky, I.-B. Rybak, A. Tyschler, J. Chaikov, M. Chagall, N. Shyfrin, S. Shore. (more…)

Павло (Пінхас) Фішель та Леонід Фінберг у програмі “Неформат” на каналі “Культура”