Hillel Kazovsky. Kultur Lige: Art Avant-garde of 1910th – 1920th

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This album was created on the base of the eponymous exhibition held in December-January 2007-2008 at the National Art Museum of Ukraine. The publication contains research articles on the activities of the Kultur-Lige. Those articles made by Hillel Kazovsky, Olha Lahutenko, and Marina Dmitrieva presented the historical context of the phenomenon. The bulk of the edition consists of reproductions of the works of artists participating at the League with brief biographical information on each. The album presents the works of Nathan Altman, Mark Epstein, Hersh Inger, Artur Kolnik, Oleksandr Labas, Eliezer (El) Lissitzky, Abram Manevich, Solomon Nikritin, Issak Rabinovich, Issakhar-Ber Rybak, Oleksandr Tyshler, Robert Falk, Joseph Chaikov, Mark Chagall, Mark (Meyir) Shayhel, Nisson Shyfrin, David Shterenberg, Sara Shor.

Kultur Lige: Art avant-garde of 1910th – 1920th: Album Catalogue / Ordered by Hillel Kazovsky – K.: Dukh i Litera, 2007. – 219 p.: -. ISBN 978-966-378-067-2.



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