Memory of the Yar exhibition

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The exhibition was based upon materials of:

  • State Archives of Security Service of Ukraine
  • Kiev district State Archive
  • Museum of History of Kyiv
  • Center for Studies of the History and Culture of East European Jewry
  • A private collection of V. Melnichenko and V. Borisenko

Exhibition curators:

  • Museum of History of Kiev, chief officer Tetiana Yevstaf’eva,
  • Head of the Center for Jewish Studies, Leonid Finberg

Exposition designer – Oleksandr Khodchenko

The purpose of the exhibition was to show how society immortalized the tragedy of the Babyi Yar, to highlight the government’s attitude to the memory of the Babyi Yar in the context of the history of Ukraine in the 40-90s of the 20th century.

For the first time documents, from the archives of Security Service of Ukraine and the Kiev district State Archive, about government response to these events were submitted. The exhibition includes books, papers whose authors could not keep quiet, could not put up with the politics of power. Such an exhibition purely demonstrates the opposition of citizens trying to immortalize the memory of the victims of Babyi Yar and the state trying to cover these events.

The exhibition was supported by American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee in Ukraine.

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