Espreso TV on book “Break to Immortality: The Sobibor Camp Uprising”

An Espreso TV report on the Kyiv presentation of the book Break to Immortality: The Sobibor Camp Uprising.

(Українська) Топ-2015 від Центру Юдаїки


Bagatelles by Valentyn Sylvestrov

Bagatelle literally translates as a trifle. Thanks to François Couperin`s ability this term was connected with small short mainly piano compositions. Valentyn Sylvestrov was the author of 9 symphonies by that, when he  started creating of bagatelles in noughties. He thought them as short and unpretentious compositions and it was repeatedly accented with composer, that they were self-inspired, without any special intent. But soon it was the whole bagatelle epos created. (more…)