Yaroslav Polishchuk. Frontier Identity: 20th-Century Odesa

Turning over the pages of the twentieth-century cultural history of Odesa, the author analyzes the frontier identity that developed in this peculiar city. The first part analyzes the general processes that defined the cultural face of Odessa, while the second one presents the portraits of prominent artists, Vladimir Zhabotinsky, Pyotr Leshchenko, Mykhailo Zhuk, Borys Necherda, and Borys Khersonsky. Each of them originally embodied the image of the seaside city in its different identity and invariable charm. And if these figures are forgotten today, then we have a good opportunity to know and evaluate them more deeply, at the same time rethinking the phenomenon of twentieth-century Odesa.
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Soviet censorship of Holocaust memory and other topics of the new Yehupets issue

Historians Ola Hnatiuk and Anna Umanska talk on historical, literary and artistic discoveries that the 28th issue of Yehupets Art & Criticism Almanac offers to its readers.

Art historian Iryna Meleshkina on “wandering stars” of Ukraine’s Jewish theater

Yehupets Art & Criticism Almanac 28


Поза рубриками. Леонід Фінберг. Ми не помітили, як змінилися: Промова на церемонії вручення нагороди «Світло справедливості» за моральне, духовне та етичне лідерство.
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Критика та публіцистика. Галина Аккерман, Філіп де Лара. Україна, Європа і пам’ять про Голокост; Мирослав Шкандрій. Формування єврейської ідентичності в українській літературі, 1914–1929 Continue reading

Iryna Meleshkina. Wandering Stars in Ukraine: Pages of the History of Jewish Theater

The book presents the history of Jewish theaters in Ukraine in the 19th and 20th centuries. This unique edition, illustrated with virtually unknown original sketches, posters, and photographs, is the first detailed study of those theaters’ pieces, directors, decorators, and actors. The book is intended for scholars of Jewish culture, students, and wider readership interested in Jewish studies in Ukraine. Continue reading