About Center

Our mission is to develop and spread the knowledge about the history, lives, and culture of East European Jewry

• East European Jewry history and culture researches;
• Teaching of Jewish Studies in higher education institutions in Ukraine;
• Organization of libraries and collections of documents in the field of history and culture of Jews in Ukraine;
• Collecting and promotion of Jewish heritage;
• Publication of handbooks and any kind of books and magazines relating the mission above.

• The Center coordinates activity of researchers in the field of the history and culture of East European Jews, organizes and supports conferences, seminars, lectures and exhibitions in Ukraine and abroad.
• The Center provides activities concerning collection, description and actualization of Jewish documentary and cultural heritage: archives, museum collections, private and community archives, Jewish organizations and activists (politicians, scholars, writers, artists, theater and cinema workers etc.), memorials of material culture, memoirs, folklore records, artworks, etc.
• The Center carries out preparation and publication of books and magazines, monographs, essays, methodological and reference literature, art albums, dictionaries, etc., in the field of East European Jewish history and culture.

Brief description of the organization’s history
The Center was founded in 2006 and since has established creative contacts with dozens of research institutions, museums, libraries and community centers in Ukraine and in other countries of near and far abroad; organized dozens of seminars, conferences, and exhibitions; has published hundreds of books highly rated both by the general public and specialists, and awarded at various book fairs and book festivals.

The main target groups for which the organization works
Scientists and experts in the field of academic Jewish Studies, teachers and students of higher educational institutions, intellectuals and the general public (especially – young people) interested in Jewish history and culture.